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Hi! We're Jordan Leonard and Andrew Zessar...

…two longtime friends, athletes, fans, and most importantly, coaches. Having seen the American youth sports coaching landscape first-hand, we identified a fundamental flaw in the industry. Finding a coach has historically been a word-of-mouth business, and we believe some of the most qualified and passionate coaching talent has been left in the dust due to lack of access to the full breadth of coaching opportunities. Simultaneously, we believe there are plenty of qualified coaches out there who lack fundamental job-finding resources. That’s why we started CoachCorner. We are here to help coaches from all backgrounds break into the industry, create brands for themselves, and be the most polished coaches they can be.

jordan leonard and andrew zessar

Our Values

The age of the unpaid internship is over, and coaching a team is a JOB. All teams in our network understand that coaches should be compensated appropriately because our coaches are professionals, not volunteers.

We believe that everyone has the potential to coach and positively affect a team’s trajectory. No matter your coaching experience or level, we have a fit for you.

One thing every current and aspiring coach have in common is being a part of the sport they grew up playing all their lives and now, it’s time to give back and share that love for the sport with the youth. Coaching is bigger than anyone’s self and whether it’s a part-time, full-time, side hustle, or just to give back to the community… every coach loves making a difference and becoming they mentor for kids as their coach once was for them.

Here at CoachCorner, pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with our programs and with our coaches. Our goal is to get to know our coaches and guide them to get an interview with their dream program. Meanwhile, we learn about our programs, what they are looking for in a new hire and how we can help make their hiring jobs easier so that they can focus on running a phenomenal program and giving our coaches the chance to create lifelong memories for their athletes.

Our team is committed to coming together and working on a mission that’s bigger than ourselves.

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