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By Jordan Leonard and Andrew Zessar

In this article, we explore how CoachCorner helps teams find their next coach.

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate athletes and coaches who realize a key challenge that athletic directors face: finding and retaining quality coaching talent.

What problem(s) are we solving?

Athletic directors are jacks of all trades; from making schedules to providing transportation logistics year-round for dozens of teams. Throw on top of that having to maintain a revolving door of hiring coaches for all of their teams, and you have a pretty tough and thankless job. The thing is, those hirable coaches are out there, but they are often times never found because of the overwhelming nature of the athletic director’s job. The concept for CoachCorner started in Chicago, what we have described as an incredibly diverse yet simultaneously segregated city. Very generally speaking, the north side of Chicago is much different from the west side, which is much different from the south side, culturally and demographically. One thing that all of these areas have in common is a love for the game. There are passionate and qualified athletic coaches who can coach programs all over their cities, but these areas need help connecting with each other. Enter CoachCorner, a unifying hub for superior coaching talent.

How do we find our coaches?

Short and boring answer: grit and scrappiness. Long and boring answer: a bunch of job boards, countless phone calls, infinite emails, piles of referrals… We keep a meticulous database of thousands of coaches, and we do all of the dirty work that athletic directors need done.

How does the matching process work?

We hop on a call with the athletic director, briefly exchange no more than two minutes of pleasantries, and jump into the following questions: 

  1. How do you typically hire your coaches?
  2. Who is an ideal coach in your eyes?
  3. Does your organization have any unique values?
  4. How does your interview process work?
  5. What is the age group of your athletes?
  6. Where does your program practice and compete?
  7. What is the team’s practice and competition schedule?
  8. What is the coaches compensation?

Providing answers to these questions is often times therapeutic to the athletic directors we work with. We help them put into words their goals for their program, and from there we dive into our vast list of coaches and pinpoint a handful potential matches. CoachCorner only accepts a fee from the team (never the coach) solely when the team is ready to hire a coach. We only win when all of our teammates win.

Interested in learning more about how you can find your next coaching job or find a great coach anywhere in the country. Reach out to



CoachCorner is a marketplace full of thousands of vetted, quality coaches and we specialize in connecting teams, organizations and programs to any athletic coach, trainer or operations role. We operate amongst 2 different. The first serves as a job board exclusively for sports related positions where programs can post jobs and be able to see our CoachCorner verified candidates vs anyone else who applied. Our premier feature and how we started is a matchmaking service. Similar to a headhunter or recruiter for businesses, we match teams to coaches who best fit their requirements, time commitment, experience and what makes an ideal candidate in their eyes. We work with hundreds of trusted partners and match them to their ideal candidate. 


CoachCorner is a distinguished marketplace, offering an extensive selection of meticulously screened and highly qualified coaches. Our core expertise lies in seamlessly connecting teams, organizations, and programs with exceptional athletic coaches, trainers, and operations personnel. 


We operate within two distinct realms, each designed to cater to specific needs. Firstly, our esteemed job board serves as a dedicated platform for sports-related positions. Programs can confidently post job listings, benefitting from the ability to distinguish between candidates verified by CoachCorner and other applicants. This ensures a higher caliber of talent and an elevated standard of suitability for each opportunity. 

Additionally, our premier feature encompasses a sophisticated matchmaking service, akin to the services provided by esteemed headhunters and recruiters in the corporate world. We take pride in our ability to meticulously align teams with coaches who perfectly match their unique requirements, encompassing factors such as experience, time commitment, and the specific attributes sought in an ideal candidate. Leveraging our extensive network of trusted partners, we ensure the most harmonious pairing between teams and their ideal coaching counterpart. 

At CoachCorner, our commitment to excellence and quality is unwavering. We take great pride in facilitating the optimal connections that enable teams, organizations, and programs to thrive.

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